2018 NASPA Annual Conference

When Keeping It Real Goes Right: Lessons Learned from Political, Media, and Litigation Sagas

PC 19 A

“Politics” in our field and institutions tends to reference interpersonal dramas and dilemmas of working in a bureaucratic hierarchy. Most messy situations are short-lived and resolved through resilience, patience and support. But, some are shocking and potentially ruinous. A Chief Diversity Officer whose office was defunded by the State Legislature; and a former VPSA and current professor who blew the whistle on a sexual harassment cover-up each lived to share their stories and lessons learned.

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Saturday, March 3
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


113 A
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Presented by

Jason Laker, Professor, San Jose State University
Rickey Hall, Vice President for Minority Affairs & Diversity, University of Washington