2018 NASPA Annual Conference

What, Where, When, and How: The Intersection of the First Amendment, Free Speech, Civility, and Social Justice on Campus and on Social Media

Our students, staff, and faculty reflect the diversity as well as the political polarization in society. We have become a site of debate for folks who believe we must do more to promote social justice and for those who believe we have done too much identity-based programming. Hence, issues of first amendment freedoms, free speech, civility, and social justice are at the forefront of our work. This program will offer a review of applicable law, theory, and strategies for supporting campuses in their conversations and action planning.


Monday, March 5
9:05 am to 9:55 am


118 C
Pennsylvania Convention Center

Presented by

Jeffrey Sun, Professor, University of Louisville
George McClellan, Associate Professor of Higher Education, University of Mississippi
Neal Hutchens, Professor, University of Mississippi