2018 NASPA Annual Conference

Understanding Title IX: Policy, Process & Moving Forward to Eliminate Sexual Violence on Campus

PC 46

With evolving developments in Title IX compliance, institutions of higher education must remain cognizant of the ethical and legal obligations to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct and gender discrimination. In this session, attendees will examine administrative law, case law, and legislation relating to Title IX compliance. Title IX Investigators, student conduct officers, and Title IX Coordinators will answer questions regarding the investigation and adjudication of allegations of sexual misconduct and gender discrimination.

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Sunday, March 4
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Pennsylvania Convention Center

Presented by

Corey Benson, Title IX Coordinator, University of Houston-Clear Lake
Patience Bryant, Director of Student Conduct & Ethical Development, California State University-Long Beach
Juhi Bhatt, Assistant Dean of Students for Community Standards and Student Involvement, Fashion Institute of Technology
Colleen Sonnentag, Investigative Coordinator and Trainer, University of Northern Colorado
Matt Peterson, Director of Student Success, Front Range Community College
Cory Davis, Coordinator of Student Conduct, Keene State College
Mikiba Morehead, Disability & Title IX Coordinator, Baylor College of Medicine
Rowen Thomas, Graduate Assistant for Gender & Sexuality Resource Center, University of Northern Colorado