2018 NASPA Annual Conference

Student and Academic Affairs: Forging Interculturally Competent Partnerships

PC 41

Have you even noticed that your partners seem to be speaking a different language or coming at you collaborations from a different set of unspoken rules? Faculty and administrators expect students to become interculturally sensitive and responsive, we need these same skills to be successful in our work relationships. This pre-conference workshop provides in-depth exploration of collegiate professional subcultures and the intercultural theories that support practitioners to navigate, improve, and sustain student-academic affairs collaborations.

Additional registration required

Sunday, March 4
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm


Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Presented by

Karen Boyd , Associate Professor, The University of Tennessee
Elizabeth Boretz , Assistant Vice President for Student Success, California State University-Fullerton
Tony Cawthon , Alumni Distinguished Professor, Clemson University
Kirk Robinson , Doctoral Candidate, Miami University-Ohio
R. Gary Hartz , Guam Community College
Bree Shepard , Graduate Assistant, University of Tennesee