2018 NASPA Annual Conference

Faculty Fellows Programs: Bringing Expertise Together

Student affairs' integration with academics is a necessity rather than just an expectation. Division of student affairs faculty fellowships are proving to be a valuable method to merge the strengths and skill sets of both academic and student affairs colleagues. Join us as we outline the structure of fellowship programs and summarize experiences of faculty, staff, and administrators affiliated with the program. 


Tuesday, March 6
1:25 pm to 2:15 pm


119 A
Philadelphia Convention Center

Presented by

Cynthia Hernandez, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, Texas A&M University
Tia Crawford, Student Development Specialist II, Texas A&M University
Lori Moore, Associate Professor, Texas A&M University
Melissa Shehane, Associate Director, Student Activities, Texas A&M University
Dustin Grabsch, Coordinator, Texas A&M University