2018 NASPA Annual Conference

Building Better Technology for Campus Engagement: Insights from RIT’s Collaboration with CampusGroups

Sponsored Session

No two schools function exactly the same way, which is why it can be so difficult to find the right technology solution to fit each campus. When Rochester Institute of Technology set out in search of the ideal engagement platform for their Division of Student Affairs, they discovered that the best technology company was one that could listen, learn, and adapt. In this presentation, RIT recounts the steps they took to understand student affair's multifaceted needs, followed by how and why they partnered with CampusGroups. CampusGroups and RIT will discuss why collaboration between universities and innovators is the key to building effective technology solutions.


Sunday, March 4
10:10 am to 11:00 am


119 B
Philadelphia Convention Center

Presented by

Sara Bayerl, Associate Application Administrator, Rochester Institute of Technology
Yorick Ser, CEO, CampusGroups

Sponsored in part by CampusGroups