2018 NASPA Annual Conference

Innovation Station

Innovate.  Make it new.  Figure it out. it with less.  

Sound familiar?  The 2018 NASPA Annual Conference is proud to bring you a super-sized Innovation Area, a learning space devoted to innovation in our profession. Presenters are hand-picked and will provide new ways of thinking about common and uncommon issues on our campuses.  

The Innovation Station will feature four unique program types:

• Innovation Ignition is a space where you can join other conference attendees for short, focused conversations around a small table. If you are looking for a more intimate way to connect and explore at the 2018 Annual Conference, this is for you.

• Shark Tank will help you tailor your research idea, dissertation thought, or program focus based on the feedback from experts in the field. You present the idea, our sharks will tell you exactly what they think of it!

• The Genius Bar is a space where you can learn how to make the most of available technologies that support our work as Student Affairs educators. From platforms widely used in higher education to free social media systems, this hands on session will help you actively utilize technology.

• Crowdsource your needs.  Are you looking for an idea, a tool, or a program?  We’ll provide the space, the conference will provide the people, and Innovation Station will help the ideas flow!

• Developing Debates is a space focused on dialogue and debate. What is the future of our profession?  What hotly contested issues are emerging? These programs allow you to learn from experts and engage with them.