2018 NASPA Annual Conference

Get to Know the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program

As a first-time attendee, you will notice bright colored ribbons attached to some participants’ name badges. Among those ribbons you may see some that say “NUFP.” The acronym stands for NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program. This semi-structured program partners students from traditionally underrepresented and historically disenfranchised populations who are exploring careers in higher education with mentors who are already working full-time in the field. The student mentees are known as Fellows or NUFs.

Because some students have more barriers to opportunities than others, NUFP creates possibilities to increase representation in student affairs and higher education. The mission of the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program is to increase the number of historically disenfranchised and underrepresented professionals in student affairs and/or higher education, including but not limited to those of racial and ethnic-minority background, those having a disability, and those identifying as LGBTQ. It is the hope of NASPA and all the mentors that the distinctive opportunity provides experiences to prepare Fellows for a career in student affairs or higher education.

Fellows have opportunities to attend undergraduate pre-cons at both the regional and annual NASPA conferences, have summer internships at institutions across the country, attend the Dungy Leadership Institute, and apply for GRE scholarships. Being a NUFP mentor is a great way to share your passion for serving students from historically marginalized populations and support access to our profession and future diversity in higher education leadership.

To support this important mission, you can donate to the program through the NASPA Foundation or by becoming a mentor. For more information, visit the NUFP website or reach out to Jasmine Scott, NASPA’s Assistant Director of Member Engagement, at

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